Dead insects are the most easily obtainable. We offer them for sale (when available) and rental (if you use our Bug Wrangling Services). If you are interested in buying specimens, just peruse our Museum but please be aware that we are not a wholesale supplier. Our insects are sold as a finished product, ready to be used for displays, props, reference materials and artwork. Specimens are of the highest quality and will be perfect, unless otherwise requested. They are generally sold as pictured in our Museum, unless you want them in a different position. Cost of insects is higher than some might expect due to quality control and the fact that we must

turn this... into this.
ins_before.jpg ins_after.jpg

Our speciality is as arthropod stylists and as such, we can provide you with whatever you want. Species available for sale tend to vary. With thousands of species to choose from, our list of sale items fluctuates and you must simply see what is currently in stock. When selecting specimens, consider alternates, especially since many insects look the same.

A Large Tiger Butterfly
The Zagreus Swallowtail Butterfly
An Ithomiin Butterfly
A Peruvian Hypsid Moth

As you can see, if you do not need to be species specific, you can probably find a close approximation or we can suggest an alternate. If you are not using our Bug Wrangling Services please expect a two or three week differential between time of order and payment, and time of receipt (we need time to make an insect look good). We can speed things up but since time is money, we will need one or the other. If you are looking for bulk butterfly or insect specimens please inquire as to what you are interested in (and level of quality needed) and we will see what we can do.

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