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The purpose of this section is to promote ecological literacy among the general public. The highest function of ecology is the understanding of consequences, from a global scope down to an awareness of what is happening in one's own backyard. Promoting awareness of important environmental and conservation issues, and what an individual or group can do to help, is a promising start. We hope to inspire action and a shared desire to preserve our singular home and all its myriad inhabitants. Citizens of Earth hearken - the power of one is very significant. Great change, both good and bad, has been wrought throughout human history by individuals with great dedication to their cause. Indeed, it is often only these dedicated individuals who achieve anything of significance.

Below are a variety of topics, which can enable anyone to contribute to the health of planet Earth's environment. At the moment, we are in the process of setting up these links. Anyone who has information on the following topics, which they woul be willing to share for the benefit of others, should submit articles or links to existing websites to: At the same time, we always welcome suggestions for new topics. This section should be for the people, by the people. No money will change hands but authors will always be credited for use of material and given a link, if applicable.