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Portal to Purchasing Specimens

The prices quoted here are for undamaged, unmounted, spread, individual, dead specimens unless otherwise noted. Specimens with small tears, chips, scratches or other minor defects are sometimes available for lower prices. If you are interested in such, request your specimens as "second quality". Please be aware that while we are not a wholesale supplier, we do offer deals for quantity. Our insects are sold as a finished product, usually as you see them. We offer our insects this way as an alternative to having to do the preparation work yourself. In addition to preparing specimens, we also offer them in frames upon request. More information regarding what we do with insects can be found in the services section. Currently, some of the information about our specimens is incomplete, especially sizes. Some geographic ranges are also incomplete, so if you happen to know the complete range of anything (or notice any other errors), please feel free to let us know. Please feel free to inquire about anything by emailing the following address:


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