For those interested in our Bug Wrangling services, almost every specimen pictured in our Museum is available as you see it right now. Same day usage is a little extreme, but next day service is almost always possible. For anything beyond what is pictured, we need time to reposition the specimen. To "pose" an insect for a photo-shoot all we need is a layout, some time, and money (of course). Simply tell us how you want the bug to look and you'll have it brought to your doorstep. We can make almost any bug look as it does when alive and put it in any position that nature's design allows. Of course, our God has sometimes been known to bend the rules of nature.

When you use our Bug Wrangling Service, you have access to all 30,000 of the insects and other assorted arthropods in our collection.   Pictured to the right is a section of one wall of our collection to give you idea of how it is displayed here.  Only a tiny sample of these insects are available for sale, so the Bug Wrangling Service is great if you have a big budget and need lots of insects.

This life-size caterpillar ( Papilio zelicaon ) is actually a hand-painted sculpture.


Part of the collection.

With most arthropods, death does not dim their beauty one bit and so if positioned in a lifelike manner and lit properly you will not know the difference. The only exceptions are soft-bodied insects like termites, maggots, and caterpillars, which cannot be dehydrated without shriveling up like raisins. They must be used either live or from our collection of pickled beasties. We can also have soft-bodied insects and insect larvae sculpted for you, life-size or much larger. You can see examples of past jobs all using dead specimens in our Portfolio.

For specifications requiring more than what is on hand at any given moment, we need time to obtain what is desired. The more time allotted us, the greater the realm of possibility. Also, one of our bug wranglers must be present if Museum specimens are to be used. This is to ensure that our bugs make it back home in one piece. Currently, our collection and our bug wranglers reside in the greater New York City area, so please factor that into your logistics. Contact us at contact@godofinsects.com

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