Blood-Leg Tarantula A.K.A. Mexican Beauty (Brachypelma boehmi)

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Geographic Range: Mexico
View: Top View  Sex: Female
Size: Body Length: 6-7 cm

Image Copyright 2003
Barbara Strnadova

A very attractive spider, Brachypelma boehmi is known in the pet trade under many different names, such as "Mexican Fire-leg", "Mexican Beauty" and "Blood-Leg Tarantula". While it inhabits areas of dry scrubland in much of Mexico, it is rarely seen because it spends most of its time in a burrow that it will begin to excavate as a juvenile. Males will eventually leave their burrows when they reach sexual maturity in order to find a female. Somewhat aggressive, it is also prone to kick urticating hairs from its abdomen at anything it considers a threat, which includes humans who keep them as pets. Although this can be annoying (and itchy), its attractive color pattern makes it a much sought after tarantula. It is fairly easy to keep, provided it has either sufficient substrate for burrowing or some sort of artificial "cave" to hide in. Temperature should be kept at about 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity level of around 65-70%. Like most Brachypelma species, B. boehmi feeds mainly on insects but its aggressive nature also allows it to tackle small vertebrate prey with ease.